We operate within Wakefield and District and aim to recruit, train and support hosts (families or individuals) who are willing to provide short, medium or longer term accommodation for asylum seekers with no recourse to public funding and/or refugees who are moving from government provided asylum seeker accommodation to rented accommodation.

Wakefield hosts Dick & Flora Davies keep in touch with former guests

The project also aims to register, assess, and then match the clients needing to be hosted with suitable hosts, as well as provide ongoing support for both parties.

Ukraine Crisis

We are all watching the situation in Ukraine develop with a mixture of horror and sadness. Naturally we all want to help. We currently know of no schemes in our area that we can be involved in. In part this is because this is a very fast developing situation, and sadly also because our government is proving slow to delivering real solutions.

Members of NACCOM

We are a part of a national movement with a desire to help some of the most vulnerable find a place of safety.

We are members of NACCOM – The No Accommodation Network.

Want to help out?

We are looking for people to host.

We are looking for someone to help run our project.

To get in touch with us (and we’d love to hear from you), use the contact form here to send us a message.

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